We are actively looking for gymnastics trainers, if you are interested, you can contact board@estctwist.nl

E.S.T.C. Twist

The student gymnastics and cheerleading association of Eindhoven


We have 3 gymnastics trainings in the week, divided by difficulty on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. You can join these trainings if you have never done gymnastics before, if you have competed at an (inter)national level and everything in between. Furthermore we have 5 competitions per year with other student gymnastic associations throughout the Netherlands.


Do you think about pom-poms and dancing when you hear cheerleading? Well, most people do, but that is not what we do. When cheerleading at ESTC Twist, you will learn to be part of a group that can throw and catch people in various ways creating spectacular stunts. Combining these different ways with rhythm and a small choreography is what makes up cheerleading at ESTC Twist. Sounds fun right? If you ever want to try it out, you can always do so at one of our trainings!


Besides this, we also have a lot of fun outside of practice, like drinking at Hubble or the SSCE Cantine. Furthermore, we also have activities like beer pong and social drinks, but also bigger activities such as a Twist weekend.

Join a training!

If you are unsure if gymnastics/cheerleading is the right fit, you can first try out a few trainings. For gymnastics, you can join the Friday trainings without being a member! For the cheerleading trainings or the other gymnastics trainings you can ask to join using the contact form, then we will inform the trainers and make sure someone from the board is present.

Or you can join Twist directly by clicking the button below!

19 Aug

Intro week

August 19, 2024 - August 23, 2024    
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